Monday, 29 February 2016

Grift takes a running jump at Leap Day

Grift was so excited he had hardly slept. 

Finally it was Leap Day ! 

Grift held his heart in his hand as he went out into the city to service the elevators and hope... Surely one of the beautiful elevator women in Grift's world would seize the day and ask him to marry her. 

Some women were too grumpy.

Some women were too scary.

Some women were too hard to understand.

Some women didn't want to marry men.

Some women didn't want to come out to find out.

Some women just wanted to be friends!

Finally Grift saw her. Surely she was "The One"

But it was not to be. The poor elevator repairman's heart broke when she took the STAIRS.

Thanks to Alison@Police Concert, 
Western Springs, Auckland 29/02/84