Friday, 1 April 2016

All Fools Cry Wolf

All Fools Day was the Boss’s favourite day of the year. It was like his family never had Christmas or any good festivals. Maybe they didn’t buy him nice stuff as a kid. Perhaps they had a weird religion, who knows. There has to be some reason for why he is what he is.

Today he is happy, very happy, happy in a special hospital kind of way. This is quite a scary thing to see. Today we must be especially careful. The normally acid sarcastic volatile irrational vindictive grump is an even more hazardous substance than usual. 

Chuckling quietly he plans, implements and waits for April Fools tricks to come to fruition. The king of cling wrap was having a great morning. Boss was batting well above average with a team of tricks and sicks. Things were going so well that Boss decided to listen to the radio, sing a little and celebrate the gullible. 

Boss tuned in to FOOL FM. With the help of the breakfast show hosts Orson and Wells he grooved to the beats and bawdy banter. 

Then the Newsflash struck like a laser! Panicked reports of death and destruction wracking this very city. A reporters words almost drowning in screams and explosions. 

This was AWESOME! Boss wondered "just how good could today get!”